Go beyond with Vault

Here you can find advanced tools for doing more with your Vault.

Inventor browser your way

Update the Inventor browser names

mightyBrowser »

Talk with Vault

Add, read and update data via simple scripting

powerVault »

Look behind the sceens

Monitor what Vault does and how

vapiTrace »

Let your browser speak to you

mightyBrowser is the Inventor plugin that updates the Inventor browser names, reflecting those iProperties that matter to you.

Now you can finally recognize the components in your browser by the information that mean something to you

The Vault API made simple

powerVault is a native PowerShell extension that allows you to talk with Vault via pure PowerShell command-lets.

With powerVault, you get command-lets for dealing with files and items. For instance Open-VaultConnection for establishing a connection to Vault, or Get-VaultFile for getting/downloading a file, or Get-VaultItem for getting an item and many more.

Such command-lets make it very easy to either get information from Vault or creating and updating information in Vault. You don’t have to deal with the complexity of the Vault API, instead you can just execute the command you like and let the command-let do the rest.

Get started by downloading powerVault, and read all about it in this more detailed blog post.

Inspect your Vault and learn from it

Learn the Vault API, by spying how the Vault client does his thing. Extend the Fiddler with the vapiTrace extension and see which Vault API command is called and how, in a simple and readable way.

In order to install the vapiTrace extension for Fiddler, just download the DLL below and save it into the Fiddler Inspector folder under "%localappdata%\Programs\Fiddler\Inspectors".