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A Holiday Wish

Putting faces to the numbers

As we approach the end of the year, we’d like to take a little time...

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The Best of Both worlds!

Who says you can either have it simple and not flexible, or flexible but not simple? At coolOrange,...

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10x Happy New Year

Yes, it’s the 10th time that we have the pleasure to thank you for the fantastic year and to wish...

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Our free Apps are now Updated for Vault 2022!

At COOLORANGE, we have developed a set of free software tools for Autodesk Vault designed to...

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Our products are updated to support Autodesk 2022!

Barely 3 weeks after the release of Autodesk 2022, our tools and solutions are ready to support you...

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The Perks of Automated Publishing

How to knock off file publishing from your list and increase your drawing output by 25%


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