clever is your personal design assistant within AutodeskĀ® InventorĀ®. It is an add-in for inventor which provides immediate access to all you files across all your projects. It allows you to quickly search over all properties by using one or more generic terms, or to narrow on specific properties, or combine the generic and specific terms. In order to better understand the search options, visit the search section on this wiki. clever also shows you where your selected model is used, in which drawings, assemblies or derived components. Visit the according section to learn how to use the parents tab. Additionally clever shows you which copies of your document are available, so that you can interchange your selected one with the another copy. Read more under working with copies.

clever works with a local database where all file information for all your current configured projects will be stored. The database does not require any particular installation or IT settings and does not heavy on your network traffic or needs any server side configuration. It's fully local, light, fast and it just works! If you like to learn more about the clever database, go to the according section.

clever also reports what he is doing. In case where clever does not respond as expected, the log files might provide interesting insights. Find more in the Logging and Debugging section.