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-====== Activation ====== +====== Activation ​and Trial limitations ​======
- +
 ===== Trial limitations ===== ===== Trial limitations =====
 There are no limitations except the 30 day limit. There are no limitations except the 30 day limit.
-===== How can I activate my product? ​===== +===== Activation ​===== 
-After installing ​the product you should ​click on the **coolOrange**-button. For more information about the activating ​of the product, see [[:​licensing|Licensing]].+In order to activate ​the product you have following options: 
 +=== mightyBrowser Ribbon === 
 +In Inventor ​click on the 'coolOrange' ribbon, find the mightyBrowser and click the slide down button, to finally click the '​About'​ button: 
 +=== Command-line === 
 +The command line activation assists activation on several client machines. 
 +Launch the License Information tool located in the install directory with the required Command-line arguments. 
 +Example: Activating a Stand-Alone license using a serial number: 
 +"​C:​\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\coolOrange_mightyBrowser.bundle\Contents\License.exe"​ --StandAlone --Serialnumber="​XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"​ 
 +For more information about activating the product, see [[:​licensing|Licensing]]. 
 +===== Licensing Options ===== 
 +==== Stand Alone Licensing ==== 
 +This product supports the Stand-Alone licensing model which is charged based on the time the license is valid and the number of seats the license is valid for.\\ 
 +For further information see the detailed description of the [[licensing:​licensingmodels#​tab-standalone|Stand-Alone licensing model]].\\ 
 +In the [[licensing:​license_information#​license_information_dialog|License Information Dialog]] the __remaining days__ until the license expires can be found.\\ 
 +<callout type="​info"​ icon="​true"​ title="​License expired">​ 
 +When the license expires, mightyBrowser will fail to load in Inventor and therefore can no longer be used. 
 +=== Offline activation === 
 +The serial number of the license and the [[licensing:​license_information#​license_information_dialog|machine code]] are required to generate an activation file.\\ 
 +The activation file for an [[licensing:​license_activation#​offline_activation|offline activation]] can be generated and downloaded on the following site: [[https://​app.cryptolens.io/​Form/​A/​pBMquaFR/​904|mightyBrowser- Activation file generator]]\\