Adds a restriction to block the current operation.

Add-VaultRestriction -EntityName<String> -Message<String> [<CommonParameters>]

Type Name Description Optional
StringEntityNameThe title or affected object of the
StringMessageThe message of the


The commandlet makes it possible to block the executing webservice call and upcoming Pre- or Post events.

  • It is possible to add multiple restrictions with the same EntityName.
  • If a Restriction event has multiple subscribers then the event actions of all subscribers are executed even though the first subscriber already sets a restriction.
  • For Events (e.g CheckoutFile…) which are only for a single entity, the EntityName is not displayed in the restriction Dialog by the Vault Client.
The commandlet is only usable in the Restrictions events (e.g AddFile_Restrictions, UpdateFileStates_Restrictions…).

Adds a restriction for files which state is trying to be changed to released

Register-VaultEvent -EventName UpdateFileStates_Restrictions -Action { 
    foreach($file in $files)
        if($file._NewState -eq "Released"){
            Add-VaultRestriction -EntityName $file.Name -Message "File state can't be set to released!"