The Event object is of type PsObject and represents the registeration to a specific Vault event.


Following properties are available :

TypeNameDescriptionAccess type
VaultEventNameThe name of the registered Vault event.read-only
stringSourceIdentifierUnique string which represents the registered event. Required for Unregister-VaultEvent.read-only
string / ScriptBlockCommandThe powershell script which gets executed when the event gets fired.read-only

Registered event with Command specified as function name

Name             : UpdateFileStates_Restrictions
SourceIdentifier : 6090dbfa-bbb4-4d31-becf-4b63c8111a4f
Command          : CanTriggerDwfJob

Properties of an event with Command specified as ScriptBlock

Name             : UpdateFileStates_Post
SourceIdentifier : f4e99f68-fcfb-4d1c-b0df-4ae5611de2b6
Command          : {
                       write-host 'This ScriptBlock gets executed when the Vault event is raised!'