Retrieves the BOM of an FLC Item.

Get-FLCBOM -Workspace <String> -ItemId <Long> [<CommonParameters>]

Get-FLCBOM -InputObject <PSObject> [<CommonParameters>]

Type Name Description Optional
StringWorkspaceThe name of the workspace that contains the header Itemno (optional when InputObject is used)
LongItemIdThe ID of the BOM header Itemno (optional when InputObject is used)
ItemInputObjectThe Fusion Lifecycle header Item. The argument accepts pipeline inputno (optional when Workspace and ItemId are used)

BomRow[] ← on success.
empty ← on failure. Exception/ErrorMessage can be accessed using $Error.

The commandlet returns a single-level list of all the direct BOM line items for the passed Fusion Licecycle header Item.

The passed -Workspace has to be configured properly and must allow viewing the according BOM information in the Bill of Materials Tab.

Each linked item is located only once in the BOM and the returned line items can be located in different Workspaces.

To use the examples below a Fusion Lifecycle PLM demo Tenant is required:

Display the direct BOM line items for an Item in Fusion Lifecycle

Connect-FLC -Tenant 'your_tenant_name' -ClientId 'your_client_id' -ClientSecret 'your_client_secret' -UserId ''
$bomRows = Get-FLCBOM -Workspace 'Items and BOMs' -ItemId 8070

#Print BOM data as Table similar as 'Default View' in Fusion Lifecycle
$bomRows | sort-object {$_.Bom_PositionNumber} | Format-Table Bom_PositionNumber,Number,Description,Bom_Quantity,Bom_UnitAbbreviation,'Bom_Ref Des'

Bom_PositionNumber Number    Description                                             Bom_Quantity Bom_UnitAbbreviation Bom_Ref Des
------------------ ------    -----------                                             ------------ -------------------- -----------
                 1 368-00002 custom rubber hand grip surround for MK1 steering wheel            1 EA
                 2 368-00003 Grip back                                                          1 EA
                 3 600-00001 Standard single push control button                                4 EA
                 4 402-00001 Block                                                              1 EA
                 5 699-00002 Gear Shift Paddle Assembly                                         2 EA
                 6 402-00007 M-ST-1020                                                          1 EA
                 7 368-00006 Control Unit Housing Cover                                         1 EA
                 8 402-00008 Steering Wheel Central Control Housing Back Plate                  1 EA
                 9 368-00007 Central steering column branding cover                             1 EA
                10 085-00003 Push Button                                                        1 EA
                11 085-00004 Push Button                                                        2 EA
                12 368-00008 Main housing unit for the MK 1 Mono steering wheel                 1 EA
                13 368-00009 Steering Wheel Gasket                                              1 EA
                14 085-00005 Push Button                                                        1 EA
                15 085-00006 Push Button                                                        2 EA
                16 180-00002 Control Unit PCB Housing                                           1 EA
                17 699-00003 Mono MK1 Steering Wheel Locking Ring Assembly                      1 EA
                18 690-00002 ZS06 PCB Final                                                     2 EA

Error handling, analyze why retrieving BOM line Items failed using $Error

Connect-FLC -Tenant 'your_tenant_name' -ClientId 'your_client_id' -ClientSecret 'your_client_secret' -UserId ''
$item = (Get-FLCItems -Workspace 'Customers' -Filter 'Autodesk Novi')[0]

$bomRows = $item | Get-FLCBOM

if(-not $bomRows){
   $Error[0].Exception #Returns "FORBIDDEN: User access VIEW_BOMS denied. WS: 5, dmsID: 8793"