Standard Workflows

The Standard Workflows consist of two components: the Vault Client extension and a Job Processor extension.

When the Fusion Lifecycle tenant is configured properly, powerFLC can finally be connect to Fusion Lifecycle by providing the required information for the Standard Workflows.

In the Vault Client you can find powerFLC Settingsā€¦ in the Tools menu.

It allows you to open the Settings Dialog for connecting to the tenant.

Following information are required:

  • Tenant Name:
    The name of the Fusion Lifecycle tenant, which is usually the first part of the URL to your Fusion Lifecycle Site: https://[Tenant Name]
  • Default User Email:
    The e-mail address of a particular user who will perform all the succeeding requests to Fusion Lifecycle.
    If the user is not valid the powerFLC Dialog is disabled.
If the setting Prefer current user is set, the Email of the current Vault user is used instead of the Default User Email.
This only works for the Transfer Files and Transfer File BOMs workflow.

The workflow specific settings and requirements are described in more detail on the page of the respective workflow linked below.

Import/Export Configuration

The powerFLC Settings Dialog is able to export and import configurations by pressing following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + Alt + S: Exports current configuration for standard workflows and the tenant configurations to the desired location.
  • Ctrl + Alt + O: Imports the configurations from the selected location (also overwrites the current tenant settings).

The Job Processor is extended and allows the processing of jobs that implement the standard workflows.

In the section below you can find detailed information about the different workflows and how to configure them.

Synchronize Change Orders Synchronizes Fusion Lifecycle Change Order states to Vault File Lifecycle states, managing approvals and signoff of Vaulted designs from Fusion Lifecycle.
Synchronize Projects Synchronizes Fusion Lifecycle items to Vault folders/projects with properties and folder structure templates.
Transfer Files Transfers Vault file metadata, file and attachments from Vault to Fusion Lifecycle.
Transfer File BOMs Transfers Vault file metadata, file and drawing attachments as well as Bill Of Material information to Fusion Lifecycle.

Administration Tab

Once a Vault file is transferred to Fusion Lifecycle this relationship is stored in Vault attributes that are usually not visible in Vault Explorer.
For administrative purposes the powerFLC Administration tab allows to view and delete these attributes and gives the possibility to navigate to the Fusion Lifecycle item within the browser.

Tab only for Administrators

This functionality should not be exposed to any users since deleting an attribute cannot be undone and leads to an undefined state and unknown relationships!
Therefore please only delete attributes after the Fusion Lifecycle workspace has been purged or deleted!