Getting started

The powerGateServer System Tray can be found in the taskbar.

Validate the Service Status

See the current status of the service by hovering the mouse over the tray icon.
If the service is started the status is 'Running'.

Start Service

When the service is stopped it can be started by right-clicking on the tray icon and clicking 'Start Service'.

The same way the service can be stopped again by clicking 'Stop Service'.

When the service is running a new WebServer is launched and all the Plugins are loaded correctly.
Even if no custom Plugins were created yet, some default plugins are already available.

Testing WebServices in the Browser

Open your preferred Web-Browser and navigate directly to the CatalogService by entering the following Url in the address bar:

The server responds with a list of the available service methods in the according WebService.

Some more simple requests can be found on GitHub coolOrange-Public/powerGateServer.