File conversion

Per default powerJobs Processor installs foreach format a sample job 'Sample.CreateFORMAT.ps1' that converts the file to that format.
All the jobs are using the cmdlet Export-Document for the conversion, since this cmdlet supports all the formats listed below.
Please give a look to that cmdlet and see the configuration possiblities.

By default powerJobs Processor is able to use following applications to convert files.
It is also possible to use other applications that you can implement yourself, or attach new Exports to existing applications, when the existing once do not allow enougth flexibility.


Autodesk Inventor supports opening, manipulating and converting 3D mechanical designs, and requires it's own license, also when running in a JobProcessor environment.


Inventor Server is a headless version of Autodesk Inventor.
It requires no additional license to purchase and you don't need a full version of Inventor installed.
It is noticeably faster in starting and processing jobs, but watch out no GUI features are available.

DWG TrueView

DWG TrueView is a CAD file viewer that does not require any additional license to purchase and you don't need a full version of AutoCAD installed.
In contrast to AutoCAD, it only supports conversions to PDF and DWF formats.


AutoCAD is not supported at the moment with powerJobs Processor. A workaround can be found here.

Target format: destination format. Navigate to the Format to get more details
Inventor/InventorServer, DWG TrueView: Source format
Valid extensions: Possible extensions for the target format

Target formatInventorInventorServerDWG TrueViewValid extensions
PDFiam, ipt, idw, dwg, ipnidw, dwg dwg.pdf
DWF / DWFXiam, ipt, idw, dwg, ipn, ipt (sheet metal) iam, ipt, idw, dwg, ipn, ipt (sheet metal) dwg .dwf / .dwfx
DXFidw, dwg, ipt (sheet metal)idw, dwg, ipt (sheet metal).dxf
DWGidw, dwg, ipt (sheet metal), iam, ipt idw, dwg, ipt (sheet metal), iam, ipt.dwg
IGESipt (sheet metal), iam, iptipt (sheet metal), iam, ipt.iges / .igs
STEPipt (sheet metal), iam, ipt ipt (sheet metal), iam, ipt.stp / .step
JPEGiam, ipt, idw, dwg, ipn.jpg
BMPiam, ipt, idw, dwg, ipn.bmp
GIFiam, ipt, idw, dwg, ipn.gif
TIFFiam, ipt, idw, dwg, ipn.tiff
PNGiam, ipt, idw, dwg, ipn.png
You can customize the default functionality of powerJobs Processor to your needs.
Get started with configuring the PDF creation as an introduction.