Connects to the specified Vault Server.

Open-VaultConnection [-Vault <String>] [-Server <String>] [-User <String>] [-Password <String>] <CommonParameters>]

Type Name Description Default value Optional
String Vault The name of the vault for which the connection should be madeVaultyes
String ServerThe Ip or hostname of the server on which the vault server is installedlocalhostyes
String UserA valid user, that is able to login to the target vaultAdministratoryes
String PasswordThe users password““yes

empty ← on success
Error ← on failure

When the commandlet could successfully establish a connection to Vault, following powershell variables are created which let you communicate directly to Vault through it's API:

If the application already has an open Vault connection, the commandlet does not recreate a new connection, and reuses the existing connection to create the previous variables in the powerShell session.
Therefore the cmdlet can be used e.g. in Vault-Explorer without any arguments, in order to prepare the powerShell Runspace with the correct powerShell variables for the current session.