A Job object is of type PsObject and represents a queued VaultJob.

The $job object is dynamically generated based on the job Parameters. Therefore all job parameters are directly available on this object.
When accessing parameters containing whitespaces, you have to enclose such a property in single quotes.


The following properties are always added :

NameTypeDescriptionAccess type
longIdA unique identifier for the
stringNameThe name of the
stringDescription A description of the
intPriorityThe priority of the
stringCreateUserNameThe name of the user who created the
DateTimeCreationDateThe date the job was
boolReservedIndicates whether the job was reserved or
DateTimeReserveDateThe date that the job was
stringReservedMachineThe computer name of the client that the job is reserved
StatusThe status of the job. Possible values: Pending,Running,Success,Failedread-only
stringErrorMessageThe error message for failed

The data types of the parameters on the object are all of type string.

When parameters with one of the following property names are set, they do not get overwritten.

Id              : 261026
Name            : Sample.CreatePDF
Description     : Job for creating PDF
Priority        : 10
CreateUserName  : Administrator
CreationDate    : 29.05.2019 13:08:29
Reserved        : False
ReserveDate     : 01.01.0001 00:00:00
ReservedMachine : 
Status          : Pending
ErrorMessage    : 
EntityId        : 88
EntityClassId   : FILE