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Wednesday May 31st, 2023



Connect Autodesk Vault to your ERP

Connect Autodesk Vault to your ERP with powerGate

Designed exclusively for Autodesk Vault

Have you ever suffered from purchasing/producing the wrong part?

Accurate transfer of Bill of Materials (BOM) data is a critical step in the design-to-production process. However, manually transferring this data to the ERP system can be time-consuming and error-prone. powerGate streamlines this process by providing a tool that enables precise and efficient transfer of BOM data to your ERP system, reducing the risk of errors and improving your business processes.

  • Easier installation: Enjoy a hassle-free setup experience, getting you up and running swiftly.
  • Faster go-live process: Benefit from immediate integration, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Lower implementation costs: Discover how powerGate helps optimize your resources and reduce associated expenses.

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Wednesday May 31st, 2023



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Unique Features of POWERGATE

BOM Comparison

Mass Item Creation

Raw Materials & Purchase Parts

Wiring the Workflows

Multilevel BOM Transfer

Item Numbering

Live Connection

Items & Files

Immediate Feedback

Deep CAD Integration

Data Viewing & Updating

Publish Document to ERP

So what exactly is powerGate...

Take a look at the product page of powerGate to find all the information you are looking for and all the solutions to the problems faced when connecting Vault & ERP. Eliminate the menial manual data entry of BOMs and save time and money.

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Connect Vault with ERP
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