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Accurate transfer of Bill of Materials (BOM) data is a critical step in the design-to-production process. However, manually transferring this data to the ERP system can be time-consuming and error-prone. powerGate streamlines this process by providing a tool that enables precise and efficient transfer of BOM data to your ERP system, reducing the risk of errors and improving your business processes.

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powergate connects autodesk vault to any erp or plm
powerjobs can push cad bom data from autodesk vault to erp

The typical solution: BOM push 

powerJobs provides a unique and efficient solution for sharing BOM data from Vault to a central location, which can then be accessed by the ERP system. It streamlines the process by exporting the BOM data from Vault and publishing or sharing it asynchronously, ensuring a smooth transition between the two systems. After powerJobs completes the export to the central location, its role in the process concludes. The responsibility then rests with the ERP system to retrieve and accurately load the data into its system. Despite the process occurring in two stages, powerJobs remains an exceptional solution, surpassing others in the market with its effectiveness and capabilities.

Our solution: A realtime live connection 

Unlike other solutions, powerGate offers an end-to-end integration between Vault and ERP, setting itself apart with its real-time live connection. This innovative feature allows for a seamless BOM data transfer and a two-way communication, providing instant feedback to users. With a strong focus on data quality and governance, powerGate prioritizes automation and workflow optimization to streamline processes. Its scalability and exceptional performance empower organizations to effectively handle large volumes of data and support their growth.

powergate is designed only to connect autodesk vault with erp/plm

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connecting Vault & ERP


BOM Comparison

Multilevel BOM Transfer

Immediate Feedback

Mass Item Creation

Item Numbering

Deep CAD Integration

Raw Materials & Purchase Parts

Live Connection

Data Viewing & Updating

Wiring the Workflows

Items & Files

Publish Document to ERP


powerGate provides automation and customization features, seamless integration with Autodesk Vault, flawless BOM transfers, and centralized data management. These benefits result in reduced manual processes, increased productivity, improved communication, and eliminates errors. powerGate streamlines workflows, leading to better business outcomes and efficiency.


BOM Comparison 

  • Comparing current BOM in the Vault with the corresponding BOM in the ERP system can be helpful when updating a BOM becomes complex.

  • powerGate offers a user-friendly BOM transfer dialog that efficiently compares the two BOMs.

  • Differences between the BOMs are highlighted through a color-coded system.

  • The tool allows for easy assessment of necessary modifications and secure implementation of changes.

  • Collaboration with team members is also facilitated through the use of this feature.

powergate can compare boms in autodesk vault with erp bom
quick and reliable multi level bom transfer by powergate

Multi-level BOM transfer 

  • powerGate can execute multilevel BOM transfers in a single step.

  • The tool transfers the BOM level by level, loading the complete multilevel BOM into the transfer dialog.

  • The BOM is compared with ERP to identify necessary actions.

  • powerGate ensures correct transfer of all BOM levels.

Immediate feedback 

  • powerGate displays BOM and component information that cannot be created or updated due to business rules or transfer failure.

  • Provides immediate notification to the designer or engineer of the specific issue affecting the BOM.

  • Enables prompt resolution of the problem, avoiding unnecessary delays.

powergate gives instant notification to the user on issues
mass item creation by powergate for missing erp items

Mass Item Creation 

  • Creating all required ERP items for a BOM can be time-consuming.

  • powerGate allows for loading of a complete multilevel BOM for processing.

  • The tool facilitates identification and creation of missing items, or updates for existing items.

  • powerGate simplifies the process of identifying pending changes and updates for involved items.

Item Numbering 

  • New item numbers may come from design/engineering or ERP.

  • powerGate generates the next available item number from the Vault, ERP, or other sources.

  • The tool facilitates quick and easy creation of required items within designer applications.

  • powerGate can handle simple sequential numbers or complex numbering schemes.

generate item numbers within vault or erp
powergate provides deep cad integration vault erp

Deep CAD integration 

  • powerGate extends Autodesk Vault and Autodesk Inventor. The extension to AutoCAD can be bought as a customized module.

  • The tool provides direct access to ERP data and related workflows within the authoring tool.

  • Users can create an ERP item from Inventor using powerGate.

  • powerGate facilitates direct storage of the ERP item number in the Inventor BOM.

Raw materials and purchase parts 

  • The CAD BOM requires raw materials and purchased parts.

  • powerGate provides a search dialog within Inventor for finding ERP items as raw materials.

  • The search dialog also allows inserting purchased parts as virtual components.

  • After completing the 3D model, the BOM can be transferred to the ERP system without any additional editing or manipulation.

powergate can search for erp items as raw materials within inventor

Live connection 

  • powerGate provides a live connection to the ERP system via the native ERP API.

  • All actions like creating or updating items or BOMs happen in real-time without any delay or need for synchronization.

  • The ERP system provides error messages to the user through powerGate if entered data is not compliant with business rules.

  • The live connection displays item and BOM information within Vault, giving access to ERP data without leaving the application.

  • There is no data redundancy as every action and feedback is immediate and up-to-date.

  • Item numbers can be pulled from ERP, BOMs can be compared, and workflows can be wired.

Data viewing and updating 

  • powerGate provides access to relevant items and BOM information directly within the Vault.

  • Designers and engineers can work with their preferred application and avoid leaving the Vault.

  • This helps make better decisions and take actions based on correct and accurate data.

Wiring the workflows 

  • PowerGate checks for various parameters while releasing an assembly in Vault

  • It verifies the existence of all involved items, flags them as deleted or obsolete if required

  • PowerGate checks if the items are up to date and valid for the given ERP client/site

  • Validation of ERP-related data during Vault lifecycle operations ensures synchronization between engineering data and ERP data

  • This helps to prevent downstream problems

Items and files 

  • powerGate can connect Vault Workgroup or Professional to ERP system.

  • It can use either Vault file or item BOM to establish the connection.

  • powerGate can work even if Vault items are not used.

Publishing the documentation to ERP 

  • Purchase and production departments often require PDFs, DXFs, and other file formats.

  • powerJobs can be used in combination with powerGate for generating these files automatically.

  • Metadata, lifecycle state, and permissions can also be published to the ERP system alongside the generated files.

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Product Information

ERP System Compatibility

Modern ERP systems typically provide an API like web-services (SOAP), which allows powerGate to communicate with the ERP system and cover all the features described on this page.
Older ERP systems may not have a native API, but typically the ERP vendor or partner can provide one. We have connected over 20 different ERP systems around the globe, including SAP, Microsoft, and many others. In case your ERP system is not listed here, do not worry: just get in touch and we will make it work!

Supported Versions

Thanks to a smart concept, customizations remain compatible across powerGate and Vault versions. powerGate supports the current and two previous Vault versions. Older versions are available in case your Vault has not been updated for a while.

License Model

powerGate is licensed as an annual subscription and is renewed from year to year. The license period can be aligned with your Autodesk subscription. The license is valid per Vault seat for the powerGate Client Collection and per Job Processor for the powerGate Server.

Documentation & Support

We, at COOLORANGE, understand the importance of documentation and strive to follow best practices. Hence, to support you at every step of the way, our documentation is updated with the latest changes and modifications. We also have a strong support team, who are trained to solve any queries or issues you might face.


By downloading our product, you will receive "product support for free" from our highly skilled support team anytime. Just drop an email to support@coolorange.com and we will quickly get back to solve your issues to ensure your business process doesn't slow down.

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