Poor data management practices can have a significant impact on technical resources, resulting in wasted time and effort. In fact, research indicates that companies can lose up to 20% of their technical resources' time on non-productive data management tasks. This equates to approximately one day per week of non-value-added time.

To mitigate these risks, we offer tailored solutions for Autodesk Vault customers, designed to enhance data management, automation, and integration processes. Our comprehensive suite of tools ensures that your data is always clean and complete, your workflows are fully automated, and your design team is seamlessly connected with other departments within your organization. 


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  • We offer tailored solutions for Autodesk Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). 

  • Integration services for real-time live connections between Vault & ERP (any) and Vault & Fusion 360 Manage.

  • Development of automation solutions for engineering and manufacturing processes. 

  • Consulting and implementation services of our solutions.

  • Maintenance and support services to ensure optimal performance of engineering software and automation solutions. 

Enhancing Your COOLORANGE Journey with Unparalleled Support and Innovative Solutions

Free lifetime support

At coolOrange, we take pride in offering exceptional, free support that sets us apart. With a remarkable positive rating and an impressive first response time of less than 3 hours (9-17, Mo-Fri, CET), we ensure that your queries are addressed promptly and effectively.

At coolOrange, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date, and we've got you covered. We commit to supporting the latest Autodesk software versions within a mere 6 weeks of their release.

Always in-sync with the latest Autodesk version

Multi-version compatibility for seamless transitions

Navigate effortlessly through time and technology! Our software compatibility extends to four Autodesk versions - the current one and the three preceding versions. Embrace change seamlessly with our unwavering commitment to your success.

Customizations made using our tools remain 100% compatible across upgrades, eliminating the need for further service engagement. Experience the ease of progression without compromising on personalized solutions.

Our customizations are future-proof

Unmatched flexibility and comprehensive documentation

Unlock 100% flexibility with our customizable solutions! Our commitment to public documentation ensures transparency and empowers you to make informed choices. Every customization is not only supported but also encouraged, providing you the freedom to tailor your experience according to your unique needs.

At coolOrange, we embrace the power of personalization and offer unwavering assistance to those who desire it. But that's just the beginning – our wide range of services is meticulously crafted to cater to every step of your path, guaranteeing an all-encompassing and gratifying journey.

Empowering You every step of the way


We are an international company

We have developed 900+ projects with 80+ Autodesk resellers in 19 countries around the world.
Our locations include Italy, Germany, Spain, USA and Australia.

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We are a close-knit, multidisciplinary, diverse group of professionals sharing an authentic
passion for what we do

Our workforce includes engineers and product managers with over 20 years of experience in data management and software development, working side by side with skilled young talents. The average age of our employees is 25.

Take a look at what our colleagues feel about coolOrange

coolorange is autodesk authorized developer

Over the years, we have weaved a solid relationship network with Autodesk Teams, Autodesk Authorised Resellers and ERP industry leaders, developing world-class integrations together for our customers.

We are long-time members of the Autodesk Developer Network.

coolorange is a autodesk platform services certified partner

"Automated processing time is a remarkable 15 times faster than manual processing and absolutely uniform. There are numerous opportunities for the automation of documentation development, management, and production, and the benefits are invaluable. The future of documentation automation is NOW!"

Steven D. Sorenson
Director, Sorenson Engineering

“coolOrange was helping us along the entire process. Without we wouldn’t have succeeded in analyzing, consolidating, merging and loading the data into the target Vault.”

David Bonanni
Application Specialist, MOIT, Engineering & PLM

"The COOLORANGE tools allowed me to immediately contribute on my own, reducing the time and cost of implementing and maintaining Vault."

Albrecht Trogmann
Project Manager, Tanzer Maschinenbau

"The experience of the COOLORANGE team and the flexibility of their solutions have helped us to make our processes easier, smarter and faster. "

Benjamin Giehl
Head of SAP-Services

"Working with the COOLORANGE team has been easy and engaging. The solution worked in short time and allowed us to continuously improve our processes."

Robert Mayr
CAD & IT Management - Process & Tools

"By automating the SAP data maintenance, such as the creation and maintenance of DIRs with PDF, the easy transfer of the BOM and the elimination of the use of Vault items, we are now able to streamline their design processes and improve the productivity by 15-20 %."

Markus Rieder
Design Engineer

"CoolOrange was the only solution provider that were able to fulfill all our demands and ambitions in regard to real Inventor / Vault integrated plugins. CoolOrange gave us the perfect balance between specific Autodesk expertise and a customizable solution respecting our requirements and legacy problematics."

Bent Lindrup
Technical Director

“Automation is very important to our business as we are trying to do more with less. We use powerJobs to automate PDF creation and attach to the item during item release. We’ve been able to automate creation of about 50 PDFs a week saving time and ensuring accuracy. This coolOrange solution has worked very well for us with little maintenance required.”

David Myers
Application Support Specialist, Johnson Controls, Inc.

“We can now create steps from a contextual menu inside the vault - Massive time saving! it makes a step in 4 seconds instead of opening the file manually, taking 30-40 seconds!”

John Dudley
IT Manager, Business Segment Robotics


Intrigued by the name COOLORANGE?

In 2009, when we founded the company, we investigated our purpose and feelings. Orange is what came to our mind. It is associated with energy, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity and determination.  

That is exactly how we felt back when we started, and how we still feel today. The COOLORANGE represents what we do and how we do it. It is preceded by the word ‘cool’ because we pursue different, fresh and new ideas on an everyday basis.

// Drop us a line! We are here to answer your questions 24/7


// Drop us a line! We are here to answer your questions 24/7