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Automate manual tasks

powerJobs is the most reliable assistant ever, a unique toolbox designed to automate all those tasks in your process that may be subject to human error such as file publishing, printing and notifying people or teams. We equipped it with everything you need to speed up your workflow and make it trouble-free and dependable

It is super-flexible in terms of integration, customizable and very versatile. Last but not least, installing and configuring powerJobs only takes a few minutes, so that you can see the results for yourself in no time.


Product features

Publishing PDF files

powerJobs enables you to automatically and reliably create PDFs every time you release new files, items or change orders, offering great flexibility in terms of output location and formatting.

The PDFs can be named as you wish and placed either back in Autodesk Vault or in a shared folder, published to the ERP system, to SharePoint, or any other location.

Furthermore, the PDF format can be customized in terms of color, line thickness, PDF-A (for long time archiving), watermarks, merge or split, and more.



Publishing DXF/STEP files

Just like PDFs, DXF/STEP file formats are also mandatory for production, be it for sheet metal laser/plasma cutting, bending, nesting or any other type of CNC post processing.

The designer can generate such files automatically upon releasing the appropriate 3D models, saving time and effort and avoiding the risk production mistakes.



Publishing other file formats

PDF, DXF and STEP are the most common formats, but powerJobs can easily publish any other format supported by Inventor and AutoCAD with the same flexibility described above.

Integrating any application

While Inventor and AutoCAD are the two standard applications supported by powerJobs, the plugin concept can support any other application.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft Office is one of the most additionally used applications, but even other CAD applications like SolidWorks can be perfectly supported by powerJobs.

This way, the same jobs created for Inventor, will work for other software as well, simplifying the maintenance of the whole system.

Smart printing

If printing drawings is still your thing, then let it be done automatically!

powerJobs can print all the drawings of a given assembly in the right order by selecting the appropriate printer for the given page size.

In larger organization, powerJobs may even chose the appropriate printer for a given user group or department and add relevant information like the customer name or project code to the print.

Embracing smart communication

Notifying other departments about design changes is usually a manual process. With powerJobs, it can be automated: emails or notifications via Microsoft teams chat or similar are sent automatically  to other team members. The notification may contain details about the affected parts, the bill of materials, images of the part, and a link to the Vault.



Publishing BOMs

Pushing the BOM to the ERP system is part of the designer/engineer’s job, and sometimes publishing it in the form of a simple text file (XML, CSV) can be enough.

However, powerJobs can easily publish the CAD/Vault BOM to an XML or CSV file into a given shared folder, so that it can be picked up and processed by the ERP system.

Please Note: Sample BOM Jobs to Publish BOMs are not included in the product. But it can be easily created and included in powerJobs using PowerShell scripts.


Getting job insights

As an administrator, it is very important to know how well a job is processing and to understand where the problem lies in case any issue arises. That is why powerJobs comes with a job execution insight window which shows you in real time what the job is doing, allowing you to take action when needed and to solve issues for a more reliable job execution.



Receiving alerts

With huge amounts of data in your Vault, chances are that some files may cause problems when processed by the job processor. This is why whenever a job is running into problems, powerJobs immediately alerts the user who triggered it. The result is a general improvement in the quality and efficiency of the process.



Configuring time triggered jobs

powerJobs allows you to configure time triggered jobs so that you can monitor a folder and perform data imports, generate weekly reports and send them by email, collect new or modified information and notify people and systems.

Triggering jobs as you like

Beyond triggering jobs on a file lifecycle transition, it is also possible to trigger jobs while releasing an item or a change order or in the course of any other lifecycle transition. This opens many different workflow scenarios to best meet your specific process requirements.

Technical Specs

All the powerJobs jobs are scripted with Windows PowerShell, which allows anyone with some scripting knowledge to tweak existing jobs and even create new jobs easily, offering endless possibilities and combinations.

Compatibility:  PowerJobs supports the current and 2 previous versions of Autodesk Vault, and customizations remain compatible across versions. Older powerJobs versions are still available in case you your Vault has not been updated for a while.



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