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Code customization made easy

Those wishing to customize Autodesk Vault face the complexity of the Vault API, which typically requires the support of a skilled .Net developer.

powerVault overcomes this problem by wrapping the Vault API in simple Windows powerShell cmd-lets, allowing anyone with little scripting skills to create custom code.

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Product features

Scripting vs. coding

powerVault provides a set of simple Windows PowerShell cmd-lets which cover the typical use cases, such as creating a file in Vault, updating properties and changing state.

The cmd-lets follow typical Windows PowerShell syntax, so that IT teams, which are already familiar with this scripting language, can write their own code with no need for an extensive knowledge of the Vault API.


powerVault can be used in the context of Vault Data Standard (powerJobs, powerEvents and powerGate), simplifying the implementation of the required business logic and reducing the amount of code needed.  It can also be used for stand-alone scripts, small one-time actions like massive uploads or updates, and routine tasks like daily or weekly Vault activities.

Windows PowerShell

This simple yet powerful scripting language from Microsoft is designed for IT people who lack a coding experience. Its wide range of commands, deep integration within the Microsoft product landscape and huge community of users makes working with this language simple and fun.

Jobprocessor scripts

Jobs processed by the Vault Jobprocessor typically require interactions with Vault, such as downloading or uploading a file from and to the Vault, reading or updating properties and retrieving file references. As powerJobs extends the Vault Jobprocessor so that powerShell scripts can be executed, powerVault simplifies the creation of such scripts and grants compatibility across Vault versions. This makes the adaptation of existing scripts and the creation of new ones simple and flexible.


Vault client scripts

In combination with Vault Data Standard, powerEvents or powerGate, powerVault allows you to interact with the Vault, create, read or update data and tailor the Vault client behavior.

Thanks to the powerShell scripting language, anyone familiar with some scripting can customize the Vault client as needed.



Stand-alone scripts

Creating your own script can be simple and practical, especially for those IT tasks like bulk data loading or updating which are typically one-shot and/or on demand.

With powerVault you can easily interact with the Vault even if you’re not an expert in Vault development.



Technical Specs

Compatibility:  The powerVault scripts remain compatible across Vault versions by wrapping the Vault API in simple powerShell cmd-lets. A script written for Vault 2018 works smoothly even with Vault 2020.

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