Empowering Engineering Efficiency

Perfect efficiency is only three steps away

If you are seeking to optimize your engineering data management and shift your focus to generating exceptional designs, our three-step approach offers a comprehensive solution. This approach is designed to enhance efficiency across multiple domains, including data, teams, and processes.

LOAD your data into Vault

When it comes to uploading data from a current file system or a competing Product Data Management (PDM) solution, the task can be arduous and intricate, leading to potential errors and delays. However, with coolOrange's powerLoad product, the loading process is streamlined and simplified. This is achieved through a range of advanced yet intuitive tools designed for data analysis, transformation, and validation, ensuring that the data is of high quality and reliability.


AUTOMATE your Vault workflows

The manual delivery of design data to purchasing, production, and other teams can be a time-consuming task that may lead to errors. However, with coolOrange's powerJobs product, this process can be automated, ensuring a seamless flow of information between teams. By automating this process, the risk of production rejects and delays in the assembly line can be reduced significantly. This results in enhanced continuity of information flow, thus improving the overall efficiency of the production process.


CONNECT Vault with your ERP/PLM

Within a few weeks, coolOrange's powerGate software can provide you with the finest Vault-ERP/PLM connection solution available in the market. Our software is 100% customizable and flexible to meet your specific requirements. powerGate integrates seamlessly into your familiar CAD application, preserving your current workflows and minimizing the need for a lengthy ERP/PLM integration project.


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