Ready to load your data into Vault?

Are you an engineer or a designer working with Autodesk Vault?
As you prepare to load your data, you may need some help importing your archive in a smart and reliable way. And this is where we come into the picture, with an innovative toolset called powerLoad

Importing from a file system
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Importing from a competitive or legacy system
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Merging Vaults
load data into autodesk vault with powerload

Importing from a file system

Suppose you are an Autodesk user with several thousand CAD files located on a network share,  which need to be imported massively into Vault. 

The Vault Autoloader only imports a limited number of files, and solely in mint condition. 

Yet the truth is that you need to import more files, and  your  data quality is generally poor: a few files are missing, some have been placed in other folders or renamed causing broken links. 

Fixing these issues can be tedious, time consuming and error prone. 

powerLoad allows you to upload an unlimited number of files into the Vault, including broken files, and it offers support for additional metadata.

Importing from a competitive or legacy system

Suppose you need to replace your current PDM system with Autodesk Vault. 

You want to be sure that all your data is reliably moved into the Vault, while retaining the history and the correct links between your files, items, and projects. 

Unfortunately, since the Vault Autoloader only offers limited size import packages and does not manage file history, exporting the data from your current PDM system and simply importing them into the Vault is not an option. 

As if that weren’t enough, the export format of your current system will not match the import format of the Vault, and thus your files may end up being organized and named differently.

With powerLoad you have the toolset to migrate your data and files from a competing or legacy system retaining history, references and relations, mapping and organizing your data correctly so that you can find your information anytime.

import data into autodesk vault from legacy systems

merge multiple autodesk vaults and export or import data

Merging Vaults

Suppose you have multiple Autodesk Vaults and want to merge them together. 

A simple export/import process will not do because the structure and configuration of your Vaults may differ: properties may be named or used differently, categories and workflows may not match, users, groups, and permissions may not be consistent. And you may even have some duplicated files!

With powerLoad you can manage behavior mapping, folder structure adaptation, and duplicates.


It’s as simple as that!


all the data and the files from your current system into the powerLoad database


as powerLoad analyzes, transforms, validates and eventually exports your information into a Vault-compatible import format

Review and validate

the process before importing your data into the Vault

Why choose POWERLOAD


Reliable data import


Standardized processes


No erroneous imports

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