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Automate your Autodesk Vault

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Copy of powerGate connects Vault with ERP

Automated file publishing, converting & sharing.

Integrate easily with ERP, PLM & CRM systems.

Tailored workflows with process automation.

Advanced task-scheduling functionality.

Are these pain-points holding you back?

Mistakes due to data quality or process errors lead to producing/purchasing wrong parts (or) causes expensive production delays.

Design cycle time often limits the order handling process for Design-to-Manufacture scenarios.

20% of time is spent on manually generating design files, impacting other important tasks.

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push bom data from autodesk vault to erp

Preview the merits of automatic file publishing

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Eliminate manual effort, enhance collaboration & improve data integrity

Reduce errors by automating data handling, minimize mistakes and prevent costly production delays.

Speed up design cycles by streamlining design-to-manufacture processes through custom workflows.

Save time with automatic file generation, conversion & distribution and allow designers to focus on more critical tasks.

Enhance efficiency by ensuring accurate data flow, improving overall productivity and reducing manual efforts.

Automate your Autodesk Vault processes

Vault process automation made easier with just a few clicks. No more scripting required to configure or execute your jobs.

Effortlessly publish, convert & share files in multiple formats automatically.

Automate repetitive tasks with custom workflows, boosting efficiency & accuracy.

Ensure seamless data consistency across ERP, PLM, and & CRM systems.

Schedule & automate routine tasks for consistent, timely completion.

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Automatic File Publishing
  • Ensures PDF, DXF, STEP, and IGES files are automatically generated from the latest CAD designs.

  • Reduces manual tasks, speeds up delivery, and boosts design throughput by 25%.

  • Export formats to Vault, network shares, SharePoint, ERP, and more, with customizable settings for each format.

  • Receive notifications if issues arise, enabling prompt action to ensure process completion.

Automatic BOM Export
  • Export BOM data as a CSV or XML to your ERP system.

  • Simplify BOM exchange to speed up design process.

  • Improve accuracy & lower costs by automated BOM handling.

Automate Communication
  • Keep departments updated on design changes with automated email/chat notifications.

  • Automatically inform everyone about new design revisions, replaced parts, and updated BOMs.

  • Facilitate better teamwork by keeping all stakeholders informed and aligned.

  • Ensure continuity of information between teams with real-time updates.

Automate Printing/Plotting
  • Save time by automating complex printing processes

  • Eliminate manual errors in printing and delivery, improving overall productivity.

  • Ensure project-related information is correctly stamped and delivered in order.

Automate Data Compliancy
  • Integrate business rules into Vault to meet compliance needs.

  • Handle changing and growing rules seamlessly with powerEvents.

  • Guide users to enter new data correctly, ensuring precise information exchange.

  • Incorporate complex rules into daily tools for efficient workflows.

With our automate solution, you can also..

Receive instant feedback on all job actions within Autodesk Vault.

Queue & execute jobs based on priority and eliminate unwanted jobs.

Prevent editing a file while it is in the queue for processing.

Add custom menu items to the context menu of Vault.

Implement advanced checking mechanisms like Four Eyes Principle.

Instantly execute time-critical tasks without waiting in job queue.

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