Automate your design processes!

If you are an engineer or a designer, chances are your day is filled with repetitive, manual tasks such as publishing PDFs, DXFs, printing drawings for production, notifying people about relevant changes, exporting BOMs to ERP and much more. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate all these tasks by outsourcing them to a dedicated machine able to perform them as part of your daily release process? We can do it for you! How? By providing you with a set of ready-to-use scenarios to automate publishing, printing, notifications, ERP export, compliancy and workflow enhancement, while making sure that the rest of the company receives correct and complete data. To make things even better, each solution can be easily tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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Automate file publishing
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Automate BOM publishing
Automate communication
Automate printing/plotting
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Automate data compliancy
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Enhance the release process
automate file publishing in autodesk vault

Automate file publishing

Suppose you need to deliver your design data to the production and purchasing teams in the correct file formats. By automating the publishing process, you can ensure that the PDF / DXF / STEP /IGES files are automatically created based on the latest CAD design.

This will boost your efficiency by:

  • reducing manual execution and additional costs due to rejects and delays
  • speeding up the delivery process
  • increasing your design throughput by 25%
    (as proven by our customers’ experience)

Would you like to have a preview of the advantages offered by automated file publishing?

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How does it work?

The typical export formats are PDF, DXF, STEP, IGES. The publishing can be managed either on demand or triggered by a lifecycle transition, such as releasing the CAD file, an item or a change order. The exported formats can be published back into Vault, to a network share, to SharePoint, ERP, and more. You may opt for dedicated settings for each format, such as watermarks for your PDF files, layer configuration for DXF, and more. The high flexibility of this system allows you to configure and customize each job and meet any requirement you might have.  

Last but not least, you can even choose to be alerted in case a problem should arise during the processing, so that you can act promptly and make sure the process is completed. 

powerJobs is the best-in-class Vault Job processor extension for Autodesk Vault customers, providing ready-to-use jobs for publishing. It can be easily tailored to meet unique requirements.

Automate BOM publishing

Transferring the BOM (Bill of Material) to the ERP system can be tricky. A basic way for automating this task is to publish the BOM as a text-file (XML, CSV) into a folder and have the ERP system access the file. This very simple exchange of the BOM helps accelerate design cycles, lower costs, and reduce product errors.

With powerJobs you can push the BOM automatically into your ERP system whenever a change is made, and have it quickly implemented and tailored to the existing workflows. 

In case you should need a more sophisticated Vault-ERP integration, check out the Connect area for more interesting Vault-ERP integration scenarios to further improve productivity and efficiency.

automate bom publishing froom autodesk vault to erp

automate emails and notification from autodesk vault

Automate communication

Suppose you need to keep the other departments updated on  your latest design changes: automating the email/chat notification workflow will increase continuity of information between the teams.

powerJobs allows you to automatically keep everyone informed about new design revisions, replaced parts, updated BOMs and more.

Automate printing / plotting

Suppose you need to deliver your designs internally to other teams: you have hundreds of drawings, maybe printed in different sizes and on different printers, with project-related information stamped on them, and to be delivered in a given order. 

Doing this manually is time-consuming and error-prone.

powerJobs automates tedious printing tasks through a dedicated machine, improving your overall productivity.

automate file printing and plotting wth details

automate data compliancy in autodesk vault

Automate data compliancy

Engineers and designers using Autodesk Vault have to ensure that critical data is compliant with the rules and needs of their business

No matter how complex, such rules must be integrated into the day-to-day tools and become part of the workflow. 

Yet rules might change and grow with the company, so when working with older data, it’s mandatory that the system takes these variations into account. 

The best way to do this is integrating the rules into Vault, so that it can guide the user on how to enter new data correctly to ensure an accurate information exchange among teams.

powerEvents is the solution that allows you to wire the company’s business rules into Vault, ensuring data compliancy.

Enhance the release process

Complex organizations have very articulated workflows, involving a lot of people and multiple teams. 

As a result, Autodesk Vault’s basic workflow configuration rules may need to be adapted and extended to meet very specific requirements.

For instance, defining flexible groups of people that can move along a given workflow, or mutually excluding workflow participants, or even dynamically switching between workflows based on the current data type or workflow step. 

powerEvents helps you easily implement custom Vault workflows to meet your unique business requirements.

enhance release process in autodesk vault workflow


Ensure enforcement of CAD standards

Tested reliability from over 20 years of software development experience

Easy to implement, customize and maintain

Guaranteed compatibility with upgrades

No product support cost

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