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Finding a good balance between standardized and customized processes is the key to a perfect integration between Autodesk Vault and Autodesk Fusion Manage. Standard processes allow you to start using the software very quickly. Customizations adapt the software to your own process requirements.

powerPLM offers both: out-of-the-box workflows which can be used straight away and 100% customization to meet any specific process requirement.


Product Features

Super-quick configuration

powerPLM is up and running in just a few minutes. Just install it, configure your Autodesk Fusion Manage tenant and connection credentials and you are all set.

The delivered workflows already match the default Vault configuration and Autodesk Fusion Manage workspaces and no further configuration is needed to get started.



Autodesk based workflows

The out-of-the-box delivered workflows for BOM transfer and Change Management have been defined and created in collaboration with Autodesk.

The workflows cover the standard market practices, so that they can be immediately used and adapted to simple configuration options. Beyond the standard, all the workflows are 100% customizable and extendable, in order to meet any specific requirement.



Simple configuration

powerPLM comes with a configuration dialog which can define simple, basic settings for the Vault-FLC connection, workspace selection and property mapping, enabling the user to tweak the behavior of the workflows.

The settings can be configured by any Vault/Autodesk Fusion Manage administrator to quickly adapt the standard workflows to the given Vault and Autodesk Fusion Manage environments.



High flexibility

Like all the other COOLORANGE products, powerPLM leverages the Windows PowerShell scripting language, allowing the user to tweak and customize standard workflows or to easily create new ones with minimum scripting knowledge. This way, workflows can quickly adjust to new requirements and ad hoc workflows can be created wherever and whenever needed.


High compatibility

powerFLC hides the complex Autodesk Fusion Manage APIs and provides simple PowerShell commands instead All API changes done by Autodesk are managed by COOLORANGE. With every change, we deliver a new powerFLC version compatible with previous versions. This way, the powerFLC scripts and workflows remain compatible through different Vault and Autodesk Fusion Manage versions.

Item centric BOM workflow

Transferring the BOM to Autodesk Fusion Manage for further editing, approval or just sharing is one of the standard workflows: The Vault item BOM is populated to Autodesk Fusion Manage, where items are automatically created, and attachments uploaded. The BOM workflow supports all the Vault features, such as raw material, purchase parts, BOM row related properties, multiple item instances, etcetera. A simple property mapping allows to define which information from Vault shall be shared with Autodesk Fusion Manage and miscellaneous settings are available to control the detailed behavior of the workflow.



Change order workflow

Collecting and driving feedback back to engineering is one of the key features of Autodesk Fusion Manage. The standard Change Management workflow allows to capture change tasks in Autodesk Fusion Manage once they are accepted and to have them transferred to Vault Engineering Change Orders (ECO) with all the involved items and files automatically attached.

The workflow between a Vault ECO and the Autodesk Fusion Manage change process is now connected and the information will flow automatically between the systems.



New product definition/introduction workflow

Whether it‘s a new product or a new project, plenty of information is captured in Autodesk Fusion Manage before the project eventually kicks off. Once ready, powerPLM can create the related project in Vault with the required folder structure, templates and all the relevant information for a productive start.






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