Power up your data

COOLORANGE is a hyper-specialized provider of software tools and plug-ins for Autodesk PDM/PLM designed to fuel your manufacturing projects with extra power.

By upgrading and improving the way you load your data, automate your workflows and connect your systems, we will go the extra mile to help you move from design to production quickly, smoothly, and reliably.

The most common impact of poorly managed data is wasted time and effort. Companies can waste an average of 20% of their technical resources’ time on nonproductive data management tasks. That’s about one day a week spent on non-value-added time.

To avoid this risk, enhancing your data management, automation and integration is crucial. We have developed specific tools for every step of the process, to make sure that you always have clean and complete data loaded to your DMS, automated workflows and a dependable connection between your design team and the other departments of your company.


Perfect efficiency is only 3 steps away

If you are tired of wasting time managing engineering data and prefer to put more time into making great designs, then you should consider our three-step approach to improving efficiency around data, teams, and processes.


your Data

Uploading data from a current file system or a competing Product Data Management solution can become tedious and complex, causing errors and delays.

To reduce the complexity of the loading process while ensuring high data quality and reliability, we offer a set of powerful, user-friendly tools for data analysis, transformation and validation.


your Workflows

Manually delivering design data to purchasing, production and other teams can be time time consuming and engender mistakes.

Automating this process ensures an enhanced continuity of the information flow between teams, thus reducing the risk of production rejects and delays in the assembly line.


your Data Management with ERP and PLM

In just a few weeks you can get the best-in-class Vault-ERP/PLM connection software, 100% flexible for customization to meet any specific customer requirement.

Our solution works within the familiar CAD application, maintaining existing workflows and minimizing the requirement for an ERP/PLM integration project.


We offer a Variety of Software Products for Autodesk PDM and PLM


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We are a trusted partner

"Automated processing time is a remarkable 15 times faster than manual processing and absolutely uniform. There are numerous opportunities for the automation of documentation development, management, and production, and the benefits are invaluable. The future of documentation automation is NOW!"

Steven D. Sorenson
Director, Sorenson Engineering

“coolOrange was helping us along the entire process. Without we wouldn’t have succeeded in analyzing, consolidating, merging and loading the data into the target Vault.”

David Bonanni
Application Specialist, MOIT, Engineering & PLM

"The COOLORANGE tools allowed me to immediately contribute on my own, reducing the time and cost of implementing and maintaining Vault."

Albrecht Trogmann
Project Manager, Tanzer Maschinenbau

"The experience of the COOLORANGE team and the flexibility of their solutions have helped us to make our processes easier, smarter and faster. "

Benjamin Giehl
Head of SAP-Services

"Working with the COOLORANGE team has been easy and engaging. The solution worked in short time and allowed us to continuously improve our processes."

Robert Mayr
CAD & IT Management - Process & Tools

“Automation is very important to our business as we are trying to do more with less. We use powerJobs to automate PDF creation and attach to the item during item release. We’ve been able to automate creation of about 50 PDFs a week saving time and ensuring accuracy. This coolOrange solution has worked very well for us with little maintenance required.”

David Myers
Application Support Specialist, Johnson Controls, Inc.

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