The Autodesk University journey continues, signaling the start of an exciting learning adventure. Explore the live integration of Autodesk Vault with ERP/PLM and dive into enlightening sessions by our experts at coolOrange and catch up on valuable insights.

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The BOM holds great importance in manufacturing, but departments and systems have differing perspectives on it. Manual transfers between systems are slow and prone to errors. This session delves into BOM creation, movement between teams, transformation, and necessary tools. Using real examples, we'll illustrate how Inventor, Vault, and other systems integrate for a seamless BOM flow.

"Clear, interesting & mixed with humor. One of the best sessions I've attended"

"Marco has a way of delivering a rather boring topic in an animated and engaging way.  One of the best at AU!"

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Marco Mirandola
Chief Vision Officer

CAD data is critical for manufacturers, managed by Autodesk tools like AutoCAD, Inventor, and Fusion 360. Vault, Fusion 360 Manage Extension, and Upchain aid management. Cloud platforms enhance collaboration, Prodsmart aids production, and integration with ERP is vital. Sharing data across systems is shown in customer projects via technology.

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"Excellent content and very good presentation. Inspired me to try new approaches at work."


Christian Gessner
Technical Evangelist

Smooth BOM data transfer is vital in design-to-production. powerGate simplifies the process with a precise tool for seamless Vault-ERP integration. It enhances accuracy, automates workflows, and supports growth.

"Not only did the content cover the material but the video demos showed how it actually works!"

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Milt Capsimails
Head North America

The Fusion Data API allows us to exchange data with other applications such as ERP systems and the like. This class will show you how to use low-code/no-code technologies to achieve this, where the limitations are, and when it is appropriate to use it. Low-code/no-code solutions sound promising, and they are, as they let us solve classic data-exchange challenges. Let's see how far we can go with this technology using Microsoft Power Automate or similar platforms.

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CO Portraits (119)

Marco Mirandola
Chief Vision Officer

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Have you ever suffered from producing/purchasing a wrong part due to incorrect BOM data?

Say good bye to manual transfers and hello to process automation!

Accurately transferring Bill of Materials (BOM) data is a vital step in the design-to-production process. However, manually transferring this information to the ERP system can be time-consuming and prone to errors. powerGate streamlines this process by offering advanced features that facilitate a precise and efficient transfer of BOM data to your ERP system, significantly reducing the risk of mistakes and optimizing your business operations.

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