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Ready, steady, load.

Getting your data ready and fit for the loading process is crucial when you need to import thousands of files into Autodesk Vault. Making this process smoother, safer and leaner can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention frustration.

powerLoad is a brilliant set of tools designed to improve data loading by combining different actions and features for data consistency, optimization and validation into your very own flow, tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


Product features

Prevent erroneous imports

With a large amount of data, the import into Autodesk Vault may take days and preventing erroneous imports is key to cutting time and costs.

powerLoad comes with a set of tools that allow you to adjust the data to the Vault’s configurations, preview the data before the import to see whether the result matches expectations, and validate the data that get correctly imported.

This process can be repeated over and over again, increasing the quality of the import and making sure that once it’s done, it will be complete and structured.



Filter the dataset

A clean dataset for the import would be ideal, but let’s face it, in every dataset created over the years there is junk that should not be imported into the Vault. Yet, removing it from the dataset can be complex.

powerLoad offers powerful rules which filter files by name, extension, folders and more, so that only  relevant data will be considered for the import.

Identify problematic files

Loading files from your file system to the Vault can sometimes turn out to be challenging. When you have been managing your files only through folders for years, chances are that files have been moved, renamed, deleted or corrupted.

Fixing all these issues is not an option – too time consuming, not worth the investment. But what if you could import everything as it is into the Vault, tag the problematic files and fix them as you go? powerLoad scans the Inventor files and provides a report of all the files with a given problem, so that you can either correct them before you start loading or have them tagged during the loading process for later treatment.



Enjoy the safety of an intermediate database

Regardless of whether you try to import from a file system, migrate from a different data management system or merge several Vaults, you need a “safe space” where your data can be reviewed, cleaned up, edited or translated and polished.

powerLoad comes with a simple and self-explanatory SQL database model which allows anyone with basic SQL skills to “clean” the data so that they will fit the target Vault’s configuration.

The benefit of SQL is that operations like moving, renaming and deleting can be performed quickly on a huge amount of data, with smart filters and still retain data consistency.

Match Vault configuration

When importing files and data into the Vault, it is important to prepare the data so that they match the Vault's configurations such as categories, lifecycle definitions and states, property names, etc. Through the intermediate database, preparing the data for the import is simple, fast and repeatable.


Review the data before import

Besides being consistent, your data need to be imported into the right location, with the right information, links, permissions etc. Allowing key users to evaluate whether their data come along as expected is a key feature of powerLoad, and it prevents technically correct imports which may not match the user’s expectations.



Validate the data before import

Importing over 500,000 records without errors is possible, provided that the data have been validated against the target Vault before the import.

powerLoad comes with validation features that check the data from the intermediate database against the target Vault, making sure they match the target Vault configuration and, in case they don't, providing a simple and clear report so that they can be fixed.

Go with your own flow, over and over again

All the above-mentioned tools can be used one by one or in a sequence, creating the perfect process flow for your current situation. The adjustments to the data can be repeated using SQL scripts until the desired result perfectly matches the target vault. If the data updates, the scripts are simply run again. In conjunction with the tool-set, the process can be repeated over and over again in the same way, ensuring the success of your loading operation.





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