Automate BOM / ROI


    Automate BOM / ROI

    Transferring the BOM (Bill of Material) to the ERP system can be tricky. And doing it manually can be very time-consuming and prone to errors. However you can push the BOM automatically into your ERP system whenever a change is made, and have it quickly implemented and tailored to the existing workflows. 

    This simple ROI calculator helps you understand how much time, and therefore, cost is saved by automating the transfer of BOM data to the ERP System.

    Reducing the amount of time it takes on creating, updating and transferring engineering BOM’s to the ERP system can result in considerable savings, while improving the quality and accessibility of the documentation needed by other teams.

    We can look at the quantitative gain for the team and the company through a simple graph and determine the cost of the time saved through the use of automation as:


    Return of investment within months
    Immediate increase in capactiy of h each month

    * This ROI is an estimate. One-time services implementation cost may vary.

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