EMPL (AT) -  Custom made Truck Bodies and Trailers

Revising processes and saving time thanks to a direct integration of Autodesk Vault and SAP

EMPL develops and manufactures trailers and vehicle bodies that are individually tailored to the requirements of their customers. Based on this principle, they have been offering innovative complete solutions and vehicle body features in the highest quality for more than 70 years.

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The company was willing to replace their old file-based SAP connection with a modern, extensible and direct integration. The new interface would need to:

  • support designers in transferring the master data;
  • map several organizational levels;
  • define leading systems for each field separately;
  • allow the transfer of released drawings into SAP (including revision mapping);
  • reduce efforts to a minimum.

The experience with the COOLORANGE team and the flexibility of their solutions have helped us make our processes easier, smarter and faster

Benjamin Giehl, Head of SAP-Services


How we solved them

By switching from a file-based connection to direct integration, we helped EMPL revise and improve their processes. Automation also allowed the company to save time in various areas of their activity.

Although the existing standard solutions covered most of our basic requirements, their flexibility allowed us to further customise them to our needs, gaining even more functionality and productivity.

Benjamin Giehl, Head of SAP-Services


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