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Start exploring our solutions now by downloading a free trial version of powerJobs Processor and powerJobs Client to exploit the immense possibilities and capabilities of powerJobs. We not only support the current Autodesk version but also the two previous ones.

For Vault 2023


For Vault 2022


For Vault 2021


Note: Install the processor on the dedicated 'Vault Job Processor' machine & the client on Windows PCs with 'Vault Clients'

Here's a list of older versions of powerJobs  in case your Vault has not been updated for a while.

All it takes is 3-steps in 3-minutes to get you started!

You are only three steps away from creating your first PDF/DXF/STEP files through our process automation. From now on, these unproductive manual tasks will be taken care of by powerJobs thereby giving you quality time to concentrate on other important things. If you require any support related to installing or configuring, kindly write to us and we would be much happy to support you.

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How to use powerJobs

This document will guide you through the first steps after the successful installation of powerJobs Processor on a Vault client machine which acts as a Job Server.

Activation and Trial limitations
There is no difference in functionality between the trial version and the fully licensed product.
After the installation the product is available as a trial version for 30 days. You will be notified about the expiration date of the product. 
The product can be activated any time. Read here for more information
Product Overview

Read this article for more information about available applications, code reference, file conversion and powerJobs Processor job settings

Job Configuration

powerJobs Processor extends the Vault Client to display and edit PowerJobs Processor Job Settings directly in the Vault Client and allows queueing jobs for specific entities to test the configuration. Read More


powerJobs Processor uses Apache log4net as core logging library, and additionally PostSharp Diagnostics for extended Debug logging.

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