How to execute a change order workflow between Autodesk Vault & Fusion 360 Manage through powerPLM

To seamlessly integrate Autodesk Vault and Fusion 360 Manage, you need to balance standardized and customized processes effectively. powerPLM from coolOrange offers this equilibrium. It provides out-of-the-box workflows for immediate use and robust customization options to meet specific process needs. This flexibility optimizes workflows, enhances efficiency, and streamlines processes while accommodating unique business requirements. With powerPLM, you can tailor the software to your needs while benefiting from standardized processes, simplifying integration.

This software can be installed and operational within minutes, requiring minimal additional setup. It delivers pre-configured workflows for BOM transfers, Change Management, and more, aligning with industry standards. These workflows are fully customizable and extendable, ensuring they meet specific requirements. Administrators can easily configure settings through a user-friendly dialog, tailoring workflows to their Vault and Fusion Manage environments. powerPLM uses Windows PowerShell scripting language, providing high flexibility for customization and the creation of new workflows. It simplifies Autodesk Fusion Manage APIs, ensuring compatibility across different versions of Vault and Fusion Manage.

powerPLM streamlines integration while offering adaptability and efficiency for engineering and project management processes. The primary objective of this software is to assist businesses in achieving process automation, saving valuable time on unnecessary tasks and reducing the risk of errors in production.

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