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If are you looking for a smooth and effortless integration between Vault and your ERP 

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Connect Autodesk Vault with ERP/PLM

Empower your business with seamless data integration through our uniquely designed solutions.

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Connect Autodesk Vault to ERP

Connect Autodesk Vault to PLM

Unlock operational efficiency by integrating your design data

Connect departments and systems across the supply chain for a smoother manufacturing process.

Avoid manual errors and inconsistencies in the supply chain.

Bridge the gap between design and final product.

Enhance overall productivity and accuracy with teamwork and integration.

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Preview the merits of automatically transferring BOM data to ERP

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Connecting Vault & ERP through powerGate

Now establish a real-time connection to your ERP with a live bi-directional link.
We have connected Autodesk Vault with over 50 different ERP systems.

Rapid Vault-to-ERP integration, typically within weeks.

Complete customization flexibility.

Save time in creating, updating, and transferring BOMs to ERP.

Enhance BOM documentation quality and accessibility for all teams.

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Powerful BOM auto-transfer
  • Ensure accurate BOM transfers to purchasing and production.

  • Compare multi-level BOMs for transparency between Vault and ERP.

  • Dramatically reduce transfer time with improved accuracy.

  • Efficiently handle BOM errors for smoother processes.

File publishing to ERP
  • Design documentation items, part lists, and files must be shared as PDFs, DXFs, and STEP files.

  • powerGate automates creation and updates of drawing files upon Vault file release.

  • Ensures ERP system access to latest file versions, maintaining synchronization.

  • Automatic publishing of PDF and DXF files to ERP simplifies workflow.

Deep CAD integration
  • Simplify BOM creation by streamlining item creation and search within AutoCAD or Inventor.

  • Easily add raw materials and purchase parts to your 3D model.

  • Connect Inventor BOM with ERP items for enhanced efficiency

  • Dynamic design process ensures the BOM grows organically with the design in real-time.

Data compliancy
  • powerGate enables custom validations in Vault workflows for ERP data compliance.

  • It ensures that consumed items exist in ERP system and are in correct state.

  • Anchors Vault workflows to ERP data, ensuring compliance across organization.

  • Prevents downstream issues by releasing compliant engineering data.

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Connecting Autodesk Vault to PLM through powerPLM

Your ultimate solution to intelligently integrate tools like Inventor, Vault & Fusion 360 Manage.

Seamlessly integrate Autodesk Vault and Fusion 360 Manage.

Balance between standardized and customized workflows.

Optimize processes with flexibility and efficiency.

Tailor software to unique business needs for enhanced productivity.

Automated BOM transfer
  • Automatically create or update items in Fusion 360 Manage.

  • Publish BOM to Fusion 360 Manage for team access.

  • Trigger publication on assembly release or manually.

  • Publish secondary documents like PDFs for accessibility.

New product development and introduction (NPDI)
  • Automatically create Vault folder structures.

  • Link projects to Fusion 360 Manage.

  • Access all relevant data instantly.

Change Management
  • After BOM publishing, any team can collect change requests within Fusion 360 Manage.

  • Approved requests become Vault change orders.

  • Apply changes and return to Fusion 360 Manage.

  • Complete integration provides insight into change progress.

File publishing to Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage
  • Automate generate design files and share.

  • Include essential files in design documentation

  • Automatically update files with each release.

Data compliancy
  • Add custom validations to Vault workflows.

  • Check data compliance with Fusion 360 Manage.

  • Ensure items aren't part of open change processes.

  • Anchor Vault workflows to PLM data for compliance.

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