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Improving innovation and digital automation at the engineering department 


KUKA is a global automation corporation with sales of around 3.3 billion euros and roughly 14,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers customers everything they need from a single source: from robots and cells to fully automated systems and their networking in markets such as automotive, electronics, metal & plastic, consumer goods, e-commerce/retail and healthcare. (As of December 31, 2021)



The initial setup involved running three powerJobs on three different designer computers to generate PDF files as needed. The intention was to save a dedicated machine and CAD license. This required the respective designer to become the job-processing machine if necessary. This situation did not allow for timely execution and reliability. Discussing with the customer, it became clear that the Inventor Server would not require a license, and  a dedicated machine would ensure convenient and reliable performance. The complete powerJobs solution would then improve overall job queue processes, and designers would be able to focus on their primary tasks.

How we solved them

The necessary optimizations and upgrades were implemented without disrupting the optimal environment to increase productivity and output efficiency. The KUKA IT department initially provided a dedicated machine where the entire system was installed, configured and tested before the migration. First,  the locally executed powerJobs was switched to a dedicated machine, still maintaining the default mechanism of submitting jobs via the Vault Client and avoiding modifications to the Client itself. In a second step, the queuing mechanism was disabled, and  then handed over to the powerJobs Client to be managed.

The COOLORANGE team has done an excellent job, always prepared to go the extra mile. Technical knowledge is second to none! Thank you for all your support

John Dudley, IT Manager – Business Segment Robotics


Implemented solution

A dedicated machine running powerJobs Processor, while powerJobs Client installed on each Vault Client machine is the most effective setup for increased performance. The extension of powerJobs to generate DXF & STEP files will further result in task automation, better performance, and quality gain.

The update to the latest Vault version went smooth, and the powerJobs' jobs almost needed no attention and retained compatibility as promised. To take advantage of the new powerJobs features, the custom jobs got adapted in collaboration with the coolOrange support team rapidly and efficiently.

What were the benefits for the customer?

The customer can now create STEPS from a contextual menu inside the vault! It makes a step in 4 seconds instead of opening the file manually, taking 30-40 seconds. The implementation has delivered innovation to the engineering department creating more digital automation and allowing the team to spend more time on engineering tasks. The solution has also enabled the purchasing manager to generate STEP files leading to efficiencies within the supply chain.

Project results

  • The number of jobs in the queue got reduced since unwanted jobs never got queued

  • Increase in performance and reactiveness

  • Lifecycle transitions were locked for a given file as long as the related job was in the queue. This further reduces interference with the job processing and avoids the typical "non-tip-version errors."

" We can now create steps from a contextual menu inside the vault - Massive time saving! it makes a step in 4 seconds instead of opening the file manually, taking 30-40 seconds! "

John Dudley, IT Manager – Business Segment Robotics


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