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Simplify your CAD BOM synchronization across systems and manipulate the BOMs for downstream use with powerPLM

Woodway is a renowned manufacturer of high-performance treadmills and fitness equipment. Known for their innovative design and durability, Woodway treadmills are widely used in professional and commercial settings, including fitness facilities and rehabilitation centres. The company has gained a reputation for producing top-quality equipment that prioritizes user experience and performance. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, Woodway continues to be a trusted name in the fitness industry, providing solutions for individuals and institutions seeking reliable and advanced treadmill solutions.



Woodway's challenge revolved around the need to share their CAD BOMs with different systems. This requirement arose from the intricacies of their workflow that demanded seamless data flow from the design phase to subsequent stages.


“The one thing I can say about the coolOrange products, download them, install them using their installation instructions….the tools just work.”
- Anthony Monty, Senior Mechanical Designer

How we solved them

To tackle Woodway's CAD BOM sharing challenge, coolOrange introduced powerPLM, a tailored solution for Autodesk's Inventor 2024 and Vault Pro 2024. powerPLM seamlessly syncs BOMs from CAD/Vault to Fusion 360 Manage, freeing them from CAD constraints and paving the way for future ERP integration.

The swift week-long implementation showcased powerPLM's efficiency, with Woodway rigorously testing data accuracy. The groundbreaking result intertwined CAD BOMs into Fusion 360 Manage, empowering Woodway for diverse downstream applications. Beyond technical prowess, the collaboration exemplified a shared passion for seamless data connectivity, underscoring a holistic commitment to integration and unlocking new possibilities in the manufacturing landscape.

Implemented Products

“Everyone that I have interacted with at coolOrange really seems to want to help their customers connect their data. They truly have a passion for what they do.”

-Anthony Monty, Senior Mechanical Designer

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