TANZER MASCHINENBAU (Italy)  Advanced automation solutions

Selectively Importing a CAD Archive into Autodesk Vault and Automating File Publishing to increase productivity 

Tanzer Maschinenbau has ben developing application-specific machines and production facilities with a high degree of technical know-how for over 30 years. With mechanical systems installed worldwide, the company operates in the global handling systems market of reusable plastic crates for the logistics and industrial sector.

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Tanzer was in need of a smart way to selectively import their CAD archive into Vault, reload their legacy assemblies and automate the creation of PDF, DXF, DWG and STEP files upon release.

The COOLORANGE tools allowed me to immediately contribute on my own, reducing the time and cost of implementing and maintaining Vault.

Albrecht Trogmann, Project Manager


How we solved them

Relying our long-term experience in the field of data import to Vault, we went for a flexible solution that would allow Tanzer to customize our tools to their own needs in order to increase productivity while saving time.

By leveraging two of our most popular tools, powerJobs and powerLoad, we managed to implement Vault in just a few weeks.

Switching to automation for the release of PDF, DXF, DWG and STEP files, Tanzer was able to reduce the efforts devoted to file publishing by 15-20%. At the same time, errors went down by an impressive 30%.



Implemented products



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