Beyond Data Management


Why and how looking into the way manufacturing companies handle and share data showed us the way to help them connect design with production more easily, efficiently and reliably.

When we founded COOLORANGE 12 years ago, we didn’t know exactly where this journey would take us. What we knew for sure was that Autodesk Vault was utterly underestimated, as most users did not perceive or understand its flexibility and expandability, and that we wanted to help manufacturing companies succeed with data management.

Over time, we developed products that made it easy to import data into Vault, helped simplify the automation of processes, and connected Vault to ERP and PLM systems. At the end of the day, what we did was basically facilitating connection between the design and engineering teams and the rest of the company.

We started out by looking into the way manufacturing companies handle PDF, DXF and STEP files, who receives email notifications and why, who needs drawings to be automatically printed and what happens with the BOMs that are being transferred to the ERP or PLM systems.

All this data, which is used to manage the product lifecycle and manufacture equipment, machines and any kind of product, is shared across all departments, from the engineering division to the supply chain, from quality control to manufacturing.

And because it is involved in a company’s main operations, it really needs to be correct, which is why we have put a lot of energy in the development of our software, with the aim of ensuring great quality, reliability and compatibility with the latest Autodesk Vault versions. The quality of our software, our expertise and our approach to problem solving define who we are as a company.

We constantly focus on the needs of the design and engineering teams and how we can help them save time in order to focus on the design of better products and bring them to the market much faster.
That is one of the reasons why engineering and design teams choose our solutions. Not only do we solve technical problems, but we also provide teams with an intuitive and simple user experience which makes their job easier and leads to high user satisfaction.

Our efforts are based on a thorough understanding of how the data created by the design and engineering teams is used by the rest of the organization. Our solutions aim to help departments share this data to ensure a more efficient and effective lifecycle. We can help solve little problems like making the folder structure of the published PDFs and DXFs more accessible to the production, assembly, purchasing, or service teams. Or we can get into more complex issues such as the transformation of the engineering BOM to the production BOM and the resulting work packages.

Ultimately, it’s all about better integrating the design and engineering teams with the rest of the company, so that the data goes out safely, feedback is returned more easily, and the other departments can access design information more easily and independently.

Our commitment to increase efficiency and effectiveness within design and engineering teams remains our main focus, and we are excited to take this commitment beyond design. There are some truly interesting topics ahead of us and we look forward to partnering with you.