COOLORANGE returns to Autodesk University 2023 with a booth to Connect with You


We are super thrilled to announce that coolOrange is eagerly preparing for the highly anticipated Autodesk University 2023 at Las Vegas! As a proud silver sponsor of this prestigious event, we are excited to extend a warm welcome to our esteemed customers, partners, and industry peers at our booth. Join us at Booth 512 as we unveil the latest cutting-edge innovations in our products and engage in insightful discussions on overcoming complex challenges in the manufacturing industry.

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Autodesk University is more than just an event; it's a prestigious gathering of industry leaders, forward-thinking innovators, and technology enthusiasts from across the globe. We are honored to be part of this esteemed community, fostering collaboration and exchanging innovative ideas for the betterment of the world. This event serves as an exceptional opportunity for us to demonstrate the incredible potential of powerGate, our premier solution designed to seamlessly integrate Autodesk Vault with various ERP systems, unlocking a new realm of possibilities for your business.

Find us at Booth 512

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For the first time at AU, coolOrange is demonstrating powerGate - the best
middle-ware solution to connect Vault and ERP in real-time!

At Autodesk University, delve into the groundbreaking world of powerGate, the cutting-edge solution from coolOrange. Discover how powerGate seamlessly integrates Autodesk Vault with ERP, establishing a real-time live-connection to streamline operations. Join us at AU to unlock the full potential of powerGate and witness firsthand how it can transform your Vault-SAP integration experience.



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Hear from the coolOrange experts

Milt Capsimalis
IM137600 | Connect Vault in realtime with ERP and PLM - by Milt Capsimals (Head North America)
powerGate streamlines BOM transfer, ensuring precise Vault-ERP integration, accuracy, workflow automation, and scalable support.

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IM601858 | eBOM to mBOM: BOM Transformation Across PDM, PLM, ERP, and MES - by Marco Mirandola (Chief Vision Officer)
This session explores BOM complexities, including creation, team movement, and system integration. Real-world examples illustrate seamless BOM flow using Inventor, Vault, and other tools.


MFG600287 | Data Driven: Digitally Share CAD Data Throughout the product Lifecycle - by Christian Gessner (Technical Evangelist)
Autodesk tools manage CAD data with Vault and Fusion 360. Cloud platforms aid collaboration, Prodsmart supports production, and ERP integration is crucial, showcased in customer projects.

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MFG601853 | How to Build Low-Code/No-Code Apps with Fusion Data API - by Marco Mirandola (Chief Vision Officer)
This class explores using Fusion Data API for data exchange, delving into low-code/no-code solutions like Microsoft Power Automate for seamless integration with ERP systems and beyond.


Tame the BOM-Beast: Unleash Manufacturing Efficiency at the Design & Make stage on November 15th

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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15| 3:30 PM PST| Design & Make Stage (Exhibition Area)

Manufacturing companies face complexities generating complete eBOM, transferring it safely to ERP, transforming it to mBOM, propagating the BOMs across systems (PLM, MES), and managing change requests and versioning. Streamlining these processes is crucial for operational efficiency and product success


Visit us at our booth and check out live-demos of powerGate in-person

Our team of experts will be available at our booth to provide live demonstrations of powerGate, showcasing its robust features and illustrating how it can streamline your workflows, simplify complex manual processes, and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, we will demonstrate how powerGate establishes a seamless live connection with ERP systems, enabling smooth BOM data exchange and facilitating real-time operations.

Stop by booth 512 and discover how coolOrange can revolutionize your business processes, boost productivity, and foster innovation. Our team is thrilled to connect with you, address your inquiries, and explore custom-made solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements.

Make sure not to miss out on this incredible chance to connect with us and discover the exciting 'coolOrange innovation' at Autodesk University 2023. Remember to mark your calendars for this event, as we are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet you in person!

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements leading up to the event. See you at Autodesk University!