Product Update - March 2023


This month's product updates are here! Take a look at these bug fixes, performance improvements and new features that will ultimately help to increase your productivity.

powerEvents v23

  • The Add-VaultTab cmdlet was updated to address an issue that caused the Vault Client to crash when certain exceptions occurred during UI events. These events included ScriptBlocks invoked on $button.add_Click({ ... }) events.

  • An issue that caused significant slowdowns in Vault Data Standard (VDS) customizations following triggered VaultEvents has been fixed.

  • A new cmdlet called Add-InventorMenuItem is now available, which allows users to register custom menu items in Inventor ribbons. These menu items can be associated with custom Actions that are triggered when the menu items are clicked.

powerGate v23

  • Version 23.0.19 of powerEvents has been released to address an issue that could cause the Vault Client to crash in custom ERP Tabs following scripting errors in UI events or when using the Show-Inspector cmdlet. This issue was particularly common in scripts based on Sample.TransferERPBOMViaFileTab or Sample.TransferERPBOMViaItemTab.

  • An issue with the Update-ERPObject cmdlet has been fixed. Previously, the cmdlet would not return a result even if the update was successful when the BeforeRequest/AfterResponse action was set in -OnConnect of the Connect-ERP. This issue has now been resolved.

powerJobs Client v23

  • Updated powerEvents to version: 23.0.19

  • An issue was fixed with Setup, where it became impossible to uninstall a program via Programs & Features after upgrading, if the Setup file from the previous installation had been renamed or removed.

powerJobs Processor v23

  • It is now possible to create DXF files from AutoCAD DWG files using Inventor and InventorServer.

  • The sample jobs Sample.CreateDXFfromDrawing and Sample.CreateDWG have been updated to use InventorServer by default to process all AutoCAD drawings.

  • The Open-Document feature now supports opening AutoCAD DWG files with Inventor and InventorServer if they are specified in the -Application parameter.

  • The functionality of Sample.CreateDXFfromDrawing and Sample.CreateDWG has been extended with a new $useInventorServer setting, which makes it easy to switch back to Inventor if there are any problems with the job execution through InventorServer.