Product Updates - March 2024


Explore the most recent updates to our products this month, thoughtfully crafted to elevate your user experience and overcome any challenges. Our team of developers has diligently addressed issues, improved performance, and introduced exciting new features to our tools. Seize this opportunity to embark on a seamless and enhanced user journey, transforming the way you interact with our solutions.

powerGate v24
powerEvents has been updated to version 24.0.12, addressing occasional issues encountered with Sample.ConnectToERP scripts on Vault 2021 environments. This update resolves instances where the Vault Client may freeze during login.

powerJobs Client v24
The latest version of powerEvents (24.0.12) resolves intermittent issues observed with the standard SubmitJobsOnVaultMenuItemClick script on Vault 2021 environments, preventing the Vault Client from freezing upon login. Additionally, it fixes an error encountered when attempting to transfer a Content Center library locally to the Vault Server using the Library Transfer tool in Inventor.

powerVault v24
With the recent update, the type names (TypeNameOfValue) for properties of File, Item, Folder, Change Order, FileBomRow, ItemBomRow, and Custom Object are now returned accurately.

powerEvents v24

  • An occasional issue with registered LoginVault_Post events, resulting in the Vault Client 2021 freezing upon login, has been addressed.
  • An issue where loading powerEvents failed when logging into Vault via an application lacking the required Vault SDK references (e.g., Autodesk.Connectivity.Explorer.ExtensibilityTools.dll) has been resolved.
  • Additionally, an issue where Client Customization scripts were not executed when logging into Vault via an application without a user interface (e.g., .NET Console Application) has been fixed.

For more detailed technical informaiton kindly visit the coolOrange documentation page.