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Integrating Autodesk Vault with the client's corporate project management System through Connection, Automation and Synchronization 

Sorenson Engineering delivers ultra-precise micro technology solutions for the most challenging component applications. Through advanced microtechnology and automation capabilities, the company  innovates solutions to meet requirements from a variety of fields including automotive, telecommunications, space and medical.

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Sorenson needed to integrate Autodesk Vault with their corporate project management system Basecamp to drive organization and standardization. This included crucial aspects such as connecting the two systems, automating the publishing process from Vault to Basecamp and synchronizing the workflows.


How we solved them

After a quick assessment of the company’s needs and situation, we recommended a modern and agile approach to simplify the connection and open up new possibilities for further improvement by implementing powerShell and powerJobs.
As a result, the company was able to automate documentation development, management and production, achieving several business objectives including enhanced document organization, standardization and compilation, process control, document and data security, “real-time” auto-distribution, ease and flexibility of access, auto-archiving, date and time traceability and more. 

In a nutshell, we managed to carry out the connection, workflow synchronization and publishing automation between Vault and Basecamp smoothly, quickly, and successfully.

Implemented products



Automated processing time is a remarkable 15, times faster than manual processing and absolutely uniform.  There are numerous opportunities for the automation of documentation development, management, and production, and the benefits are invaluable.  The future of documentation automation is NOW!”

Steven D. Sorenson, Director


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