Products Update - April 2023


This month's product updates are here! Take a look at these bug fixes, performance improvements and new features that will ultimately help to increase your productivity.

powerEvents v23

  • Issue when using finally statements in script blocks or PowerShell functions, where the execution of -Action parameters in Register-VaultEvent, Add-VaultTab, Add-VaultMenuItem and Add-InventorMenuItem cmdlets failed with NullReferenceExeption even before the actual finally block could execute

  • Display issue in the Error Message Box where Management.Automation.RuntimeException was displayed for all terminating errors instead of their actual exception type

powerGate v23

This month, we have also launched a new page where you can now easily request a free demo of any of our products from our coolOrange experts. Just visit this link (Get a free demo), enter the requirements and we will get in touch asap!