Product Updates - January 2024


Discover the latest updates to our products for the first month of the year, meticulously designed to enhance your user experience and conquer any obstacles. Our dedicated team of developers has diligently resolved issues, enhanced performances, and introduced exhilarating new features to our tools. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a seamless and enhanced user journey, revolutionizing the way you engage with our solutions.

powerEvents v24

  1. The LoginVault_Post event -Action was being executed excessively, sometimes occurring twice after logins in Inventor (occasionally observed in Vault Client) or triggered again after automatically reloaded script changes. This has been fixed now.

  2. A compatibility issue with powerJobs Client was resolved, enabling the use of powerVault Cmdlets (and VDF PropertyManager functions) in LoginVault_Post actions. This fix also addressed NullReferenceExceptions, preventing unexpected terminations or execution failures for other cmdlet -Action parameters when utilized.

powerGate v24

  1. A Vault Client crash that occurred when invalid characters were entered as the powerGateServer Host Name in the ERP Integration Settings dialog has been resolved.

  2. Display problems in the ERP Integration Settings dialog have been fixed. The demo ERP system is now consistently displayed during evaluation, and after manually importing a powerGate.settings file into Vault, current settings are immediately visible without the need to log in again.

  3. The ERP Integration Settings dialog now offers configuration options through mappings, allowing customization of how Items are created in ERP. Users can specify whether data should be transferred from Vault properties or fixed values for individual fields.

  4. The New-ERPObject has been extended with a -VaultEntity parameter, facilitating the conversion of passed powerVault Entities to the corresponding ERP format based on configured mappings.

General improvements in powerGate

  • The mapping configurations for Sample "ERP Item" tabs and the BOM Window "Item Transfer" are now seamlessly incorporated. These configurations, including the Sample.Tab-File-ErpItem, Sample.Tab-Item-ErpItem, Sample.Tab-File-ErpBom, and Sample.Tab-Item-ErpBom scripts, enhance the overall functionality and user experience.

  • Say goodbye to the default <PropertyMappings> for Vault Files and Items in the Sample.PowerGateConfiguration.xml. Now, during the evaluation process, you can configure them directly through the ERP Integration Settings dialog. Simply head over to the $ErpSettings.TypeMappings and customize your mappings to fit your specific needs. This seamless integration will revolutionize the way you manage your Vault Files and Items.

  • Enhancements to the user interface in the ERP Integration Settings dialog are now even more visually appealing and user-friendly. Experience the convenience of a red border that instantly highlights any missing connection settings or erroneous mappings. Whether a Vault property or an ERP field has been removed or renamed, or if the mapped value types do not match, you'll be promptly notified. Additionally, a sleek and modern wait cursor is displayed while your settings are being saved, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

  • Introducing the latest update to our powerJobs Client, version 24.0.5, designed to enhance compatibility and provide a seamless user experience. This update resolves compatibility issues with the LoginVault_Post event of the Sample.ConnectToERP script, allowing Vault Properties to be retrieved and displayed in the ERP Integration Settings dialog. Additionally, the included powerVault version 24.0.7 solves the Show-Inspector issue, ensuring that the Inspector window now opens smoothly within BOM Window functions. Upgrade to the latest version to unlock these exciting enhancements and streamline your workflow.