Products Update - October 2023


We are excited to present the latest updates for this month, designed to enhance your user experience and address any challenges you may have faced. Our dedicated development team has been hard at work to fix any bugs, improve overall performance, and introduce exciting new features. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to explore these updates and see for yourself how they can truly transform your workflow.

powerEvents v24

  • Updated powerVault to version: 24.0.7


powerGate v24

  • A new ERP Integration Settings dialog has been introduced, facilitating Vault administrators to configure ERP services across the entire Vault.

  • This feature simplifies the setup of common powerGateServer instances and direct OData connections.

  • The Sample.ConnectToERP script now automatically connects to these configured services upon logging into the Vault Client or Inventor.

  • An Extended Connect-ERP includes a -UseSettingsFromVault parameter, streamlining the process for the Job Processor as well.

  • The sample script Sample.ConnectToPowerGateServer.ps1 has been renamed to Sample.ConnectToERP.ps1 for clarity.

  • In place of the Sample.ManagePowerGateConfiguration script, the Sample.ConnectToERP script now incorporates a Tools menu item within the Vault Client, offering easy access to the current Vault - ERP Integration Settings.

  • An issue was identified in the BOM Window where context menu buttons for selecting and unselecting items disappeared when custom display scaling settings were applied.


powerLoad (bcpToolkit) v24


powerJobs Client v24

  • Updated powerEvents to version: 24.0.7


powerVault v24