Follow the best practice method with Four Eyes Principle


The four-eyes principle refers to a certain activity of importance which must be approved by at least two people. The essence of this check is to maintain safety, a quality of best practice.

Let us consider an example involving two vault users (A and B). Person A has the authority to change the life-cycle state of a file from “Work In Progress” to “For Review” but cannot change the state to “Released”. This is where Person B comes into the picture who can now change the state of the file to “Released” after all the necessary analysis.

In this way, both persons can keep each other safe as well as focus on other tasks. powerJobs has the ability to enforce a workflow where one person reviews a file while the other releases it. Thus, powerJobs acts as a guardrail for your engineering process, making sure that this best practice is followed actively to maintain process integrity.

Please note: Variations of this workflow sequence can be configured to match your company’s best practice.


The Four Eyes Check workflow can be installed via our coolOrange workflow installer in less than 30 seconds. Once the workflow is installed, it automatically gets integrated into powerJobs. If the file is released by the same user who changed its state from “Work in Progress” to “For Review”, an error message will be displayed on screen.

If you haven’t already downloaded our workflow installer, kindly get it here.

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