Beta ’20 ready! What’s next?


Last week we published the beta versions of our products for Vault 2020. If you are a “new stuff junky” like us, then go on download page and download powerVault, powerJobs, powerEvents, powerGate, dataLoader, vaultRuler and jobWatcher. We look forward to your feedback, which you can post on our support forum, either in the category “product support” for any issue, or “feature request” you have further needs.

Brand new is the introduction of jobWatcher. It’s a Vault client extension, which notifies users when a job gets into the queue and in case the job runs into an error. For those who queue jobs silently (for instance on lifecycle transition) and the job is part of a process, being notified when a job fails is quite helpful. Let’s face it, users (and admins) don’t look into the job-queue to see if their jobs run into an error. So, being notified in case of error helps taking action right away. jobWatcher requires Windows 10, as it uses the Windows notification center for sending the notifications. Have a look and let us know what you think!!!

As usual, the new releases run with the latest version of Autodesk products, and also 2 versions back. So, the ’20 version will run with Vault 2020, 2019, 2018 officially. As of now it also run with Vault 2017, although this version will run out of support in April, as soon Autodesk officially releases the 2020 versions. This way, if you are still on an older version of Vault, you can still use the latest version of our product, which includes all enhancements and fixes.

We want your feedback: the products have the same feature as the latest previous release, except that they are running with Vault 2020. On our forum Feature Requests, we have posted all the feature requests that we received over time through our support, and now we need your voice for prioritizing those. Take a few minutes, go on the Feature Requests forum, and like the ideas that you find most relevant. Under each post, you’ll find the “do you like this idea?” link, which adds your like. You see this only as registered user, which is free. We want to enhance the products with the features you need most, so use your voice to tell us what you need. We will implement the most wanted features over time and may get in touch with you for asking about more details. So, take the chance to drive the direction of our/your products.