Release #20 ready for download


It is done! The ’20 release of the coolOrange products is finally ready for download. Like the previous releases, this version supports Autodesk products in version 2020, 2019, 2018. So, both new and existing customers can move to the latest version of coolOrange products. The new version contains all the enhancements which have been done over the past year, and also introduces a brand-new licensing engine.


Why a new licensing engine? Autodesk offers a token flex license model and customers who use this model, require from us a license model that supports the Autodesk’s token model. So, the new licensing engine supports a token-based licensing model. We will provide more details about this very soon. What is important for now, is that the new licensing engine support network activation, so you can activate all your coolOrange clients via network. More details can be found on our wiki in the licensing section.

Brand new is also the jobWatcher, which is an extension for the Vault client and informs users when a job is queued, and when one of their jobs runs into an error. This is very helpful for those customers who rely on jobs and want to be informed in case of issues.

Brand new is also the Vault Autodesk Fusion Manage Connector, which, as the name says, connects your Vault with Autodesk Fusion Manage. This connector works out of the box and provides 3 scenarios, which are very simple to configure. With this connector, you can sync your projects, items, BOMs and manage change orders. We will talk more about this in the next weeks.

All the products can be downloaded from dedicated page, except for the bcpToolkit, which will be released in the upcoming weeks and will support the Vault 2020 BCP format.

As usual, the new versions are compatible with the previous versions, which makes upgrading very easy. In case you need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support at