Our products are updated to support Autodesk 2022!


Barely 3 weeks after the release of Autodesk 2022, our tools and solutions are ready to support you in taking full advantage of the latest version of Vault, while maintaining full compatibility with Vault 2021 and 2020.

Same procedure as last year?
Same procedure as every year!

Just about 3 weeks ago, Autodesk released Vault 2022 (what’s new), and here we are with the new version of our products to fully support the new Autodesk release. By strengthening the investment in our software development process, we have been able to shorten the release time even further so that we can support all of you who are eager to move to the next version of Vault.

Along with the software, we’ve also updated our product documentation so that everything is ready for production.

Just like every year, our products are updated to match the latest version of Vault while maintaining full compatibility with your customizations. The latest version is also compatible with Vault 2022, 2021 and 2020, so that you can run our latest product version including all the enhancements, even if you are not using the latest Vault version yet.

The release includes all the improvements made in the last few months:

  • support for change order command-lets in powerVault;
  • improved error notification for powerEvents and powerJobs;
  • general quality, stability, and performance improvements.

With Inventor and Vault 2022, Autodesk introduced the concept of Model States, which allows having different representations with according BOMs.

powerVault now also supports Model States by always retrieving the master state, which typically describes your complete BOM. This allows all customers using powerGate for their ERP system integration to migrate to Inventor 2022 and Vault 2022 and continue to transfer their BOMs in a simple, secure, and user-friendly way.

We are excited about the release of this product line and look forward to further improvements and enhancements that will follow this year.