New versions to keep you in the Trend


We are back with new enhanced releases of our products to provide complete support for the new version of vault and yet maintain full compatibility with previous versions. 

The best part of our new releases is that nothing has changed in terms of installation and setup, but there are a lot of new additions to increase your productive capacity. So, as always, with ease, you can update to our new product versions and check out what cool features we have in-store for you. 

All of our products are updated to version 23.0 to support Autodesk Vault 2023 and is also compatible with Vault 2020, Vault 2021 and Vault 2022. We have also updated our product documentation to ensure that you have the assistance for troubleshooting potential problems and also work autonomously. 

While other products are technically updated to support different versions of Vault, the major enhancements in this release are for powerJobs. 

What’s New: 

We have added more features to powerJobs to make it even faster and better in terms of configuration. The new version has additional bug fixes to deliver an optimal performance. 

  • Extended features in the Settings Dialog with job triggers based on lifecycle state changes 
  • Associating jobs to vault entities to restrict jobs for e.g., files or items 
  • Memory usage is reduced when large number of vault events are registered 
  • Fixed vulnerability in logging configuration files 
  • Fixed PowerShell remote host crashing 
  • Added support for console logs in PowerShell ISE 

We are excited about our new releases and look forward to you updating to them. Our goal is to constantly provide you the support required for an effective productivity. With that in mind, our team has set out to work on the next set of improvements and enhancements which will be released later this year. 

If you're ready to download the latest version go to the download page now!