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Do you wonder where to install powerJobs?

The Vault Job Processor is a great application that allows to automate all manual and repetitive...

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Jobs at your fingertips

As you may know, Vault Work-group and Professional comes with the Vault Job Processor, which is...

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Create PDFs with Watermarks using powerJobs

Imagine you are working on a modification to a commonly used design, and you are thinking of...

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Create STL file from Autodesk Inventor Model with powerJobs

The Standard Triangle Language (STL) file format is the most commonly used additional file format...

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Follow the best practice method with Four Eyes Principle

The four-eyes principle refers to a certain activity of importance which must be approved by at...

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Export BOM from Inventor Assembly

The COOLORANGE Labs on GitHub comprises of various sample jobs, events and workflows which are...

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